Why HArtistree


Well….the simple answer is, we are about FUN and LAUGHTER and not taking life “too” seriously!!
Of course we do get “serious” when it comes to creating images for our clients….but we also want to capture the true essence of you and your loved ones and for us that means making you feel relaxed and sure that you are having fun and enjoying your experience with us!

We have one of the best jobs in the world!! Making people SMILE!!! We get to combine artful expression with professionalism and great service to give people moments and memories that they can enjoy over and over again. Our goal is to bring you a fresh and spirited approach to photography so that you can enjoy your images for years to come. We do this by encouraging real moments of Love, Intimacy, Friendship and Expression or L.I.F.E as we call it). Creating those truly REAL images for you and your loved ones no matter what the occassion is what it is all about!


Perfect late afternoon light, clicking at just the right moment to get that cheeky little smile or those candid little kisses when you thought no-one was watching. We love letting you be YOU and finding locations that suit who you are and what you love. We ADORE couples who aren’t afraid to let their hair down and have fun with us. We love to showcase YOUR style and YOUR flair and add OUR little twist to the mix, to make your experience with us, something truly unique.

So know you know a little more about us….can we ask…….


We like to make sure that what we have to offer is the right “fit” for you too… so if…..
* You are Truly, madly deeply, head over heels in love and not afraid to show it…. WE LOVE IT!
* You don’t take yourself too seriously….FANTASTIC!!
* You love your family and want to show them off (in all their unique and quirky ways of course) ….BEAUTIFUL!!
* You think weddings should be a little traditional, a whole lot modern and absolutely a whole lot of fun….FANTASTIC!!
* You love to laugh… GREAT!!
* You want something you do in your lifetime to mean something special to someone…. PERFECT!!

Then we agree if some or ALL of these describe who YOU are then we would love to hear from you!! Feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call to chat about what we can do for you.

We look forward to hearing from you!!