We first meet Lesley and Ragnar at a wedding we shot in November of last year. Lesley was one of the beautiful bridesmaid’s for our stunning wedding couple and upon first meeting her,  we just seemed to click! She decided to enter our annual Facebook LOVE month competition in February that showcases couples in love. We were so excited when her entry was randomly selected as one of our winning participants!! Any one who knows us will tell you that we are firm believers of the expression “everything happens for a reason” so we just knew that we were supposed to shoot this session for them both! When we were corresponding back and forth about their shoot, we chatted about their lives, what they love to do and how they would like us to portray their session. We all agreed, that a “lifestyle” session in their sweet little home in Wortley Village would definitely be the best option. Their gorgeous home, so full of character, is their sanctuary.  Their loving space, where they enjoy each other, good friends and good company, along with their love of cooking and entertaining. So it only seemed fitting to do their session here AND  it meant that their sweet fur baby Lily, a rescued Boston Terrier, with an abundance of character too, could share in their photo shoot with them. We were lucky enough to share their 4 year anniversary with them while doing their shoot and the fact that it just happened to fall on a leap year and was the day of the shoot……. Hmmm….we do believe the universe was working in mysterious ways here that’s for sure.

When we walked into their house, it instantly had that “homey” feel, like you could just stay there all day and soak up the love and ambiance. It felt like the love was literally oozing from every corner.  It was warm, relaxed and cozy. We couldn’t wait to get started. During their shoot we were chatting about how they met and what starting the lives together has meant since recently sharing the news of their engagement and also their move into their new home. We knew we were in for a treat with these two beautiful humans and they certainly did not disappoint. We are so happy to be able to share their story with you all. ENJOY!



“We met in Las Vegas while we were both on vacation! Our beyond cheesy joke is that we won the jackpot finding each other. Ragnar is Swedish and at the time, was living in Sweden, but had come to visit with friends. He saw me at a slot machine and came and sat next to me. He probably sat next to the only Canadian girl in Vegas who happened to speak some Swedish. When he told me where he was from, I think I took him by surprise by saying, “hur mar du?” which means “how are you?” in Swedish. We spent two nights together partying in Vegas, then on his drive back East, on the same trip, he had his friends road trip into London, Ontario, so he could come and see me again! There was still a spark between us, and although we parted ways again, he came back to stay a month later and has never left! The rest, as they say, is history! It was our 4 year anniversary this leap year on February 29th. We consider ourselves so very lucky to have found one another.”

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