Farewell to Winter with LOVE

A Lovely Portrait Session in the Crisp Winter Air

When you look back on photographss weeks, months, or years later, you reminisce. You remember the times in your life that were important. A documentary of times that meant something special to us and often reliving  the emotions in the moments that have been captured. One of our favourite sentiments to document is the love that two people share for one. In February, we ran our Love Story contest! This was our way to give 5 lucky couples the chance to see their love story through our eyes.  This is our  first couple, Shannon and Owen. They brought us all the way to Hamilton, Ontario for their shoot and we got to visited  Dundurn Castle and Tiffany Falls to explore some fun new locations with them.

SHANNON AND OWEN’S LOVE story (as told by Shannon)

Owen and I met through an online dating site, only to realize that we actually already knew each other.  We use to live on the same street when we were little and we use to play in his backyard all the time.  We had our first date October 25, 2009 at the local dog park were we took our dogs for a walk.  Our dogs were NOT fast friends…but our connection was immediate and undeniable.  We knew this was it.  For our second date, Halloween night, he took me for dinner and then bowling, where he “won” our first kiss…and my heart.  Over the next couple of years we started building our lives together.  He proposed on October 21, 2012. We had planned a little weekend getaway to Niagara Falls and he surprised me by getting down on one knee and giving me the most beautiful diamond ring.  I said yes without a moment of hesitation.  We had our dream wedding February 8, 2014 at the Carolinian Winery in Dorchester, ON.  It was a gorgeous brisk, sunny and snowy day.  We had a very small, intimate wedding with 45 of our closest family and friends.  And it was the perfect celebration of our love.  Since then, we both sold our homes in London and bought a house together in St Marys, ON.  A month after our wedding I was in a car accident and injured my neck.  It has been a real struggle, losing my job, losing my usual mobility and ability, all the medical appointments, all the emotions…but Owen has been there beside me all the way.  So when he was recently offered his dream job in a new city, away from everyone we know and love, there was no question.  I would support him 100%.  We sold the house and moved…again.  During this time, Owen had a health scare.  He made a huge lifestyle change and lost an ncredible 130 lbs and now has his health back.  Through all of this it feels like it is just us two against the world.  But that’s okay…as long as he is by my side, we can get through anything!  We are excited about what the future holds.  And hope that one day soon our wish will come true and our family will grow.  But in the meantime, just us two is more than enough.  Well…just us two and our four fur kids.

Staying true to their vows of “in sickness and health”  both Shannon and Owen feeling stronger, healthier, and even more in love than ever. The new and positive changes they have experienced are a testiment that together…they can  accomplish anything! Their kindness and sincerity towards one another was beautiful to witness and we can only hope that all of our readers find the kind of love that they share. We were so happy to be able to help Shannon and Owen document their new beginning  and we wish them all the happiness as they start their new adventure together.


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