A Fun Portrait Session and Spring Colours

Easter Mini Portraits are a Magical time for Children

Hip Hop Easter is nearly here!!  Easter portraits are among one of the special times of the year for young families.  Hartistree Photographics is proud to showcase some spring portraits of families and little ones with a special furry little bunny.  The smiles when they get to snuggle up to a cute cuddly cotton tail is wonderful and makes portrait sessions a breeze!  Easter minis at Hartistree are a time to be reunited with friendly smiles from loyal followers as well as make new friends to photograph through the transitions of their family.

Bright colours as well as pastel backdrops make these portrait sessions crisp and clear with a hint of excitement that spring is just around the corner.  Sundresses and suits for the little ones or a more laid back casual attire are equally as beautiful.  You choose!  We invite you to join us next year for more Easter minis, bunnies and brightly decorated eggs, just bring your best smile and let Hartistree do the work.


Hartistree Photographics welcomes families of all sizes and ages, specializing in capturing your special moments.  For more information on portrait sessions click here.

Easter 14

Easter 11

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